Don’t use the tag #actuallyautistic if you are not actually autistic

I feel like this should be self explanatory, but I guess a lot of people just see the tag #actuallyautistic and don’t understand the story behind it. I’ve seen some fantastic allies who really get it and are saying all the right things, but in using this tag they don’t realise that they are making it harder for us to find each other.

If you’re autistic and you’re trying to search for ANYTHING to do with autism on the web then you have to wade through pages and pages and pages of stuff aimed at allistic parents or written by allistic parents, which is not relevant to us. In fact, some of it can be quite nasty. If you’re looking for support from  your fellow autistics then the last thing you want to read is some parent whining on about how much of a burden their autistic child is or how they wish they weren’t born, or photos of the MMS abuse that some parents inflict on their child.

We don’t want to see that shit (unless we’re specifically looking for it for research or to try and debate with people).

So the #actuallyautistic tag was made to allow us to find each other more easily online. If you’re looking for blogs or FB posts or tweets by autistic people, just stick the tag in the search bar and away you go.

Only now we are also getting well-meaning allies, or not-so-well-meaning warrior parents using the tag, and we’re back to having to wade through stuff again. Don’t do it. If you’re not autistic, it’s not yours to use.

Thank you.