An invitation to autism parents

It would be easy for me to write a blog post about how badly the Autistic community has been treated by some of the worst autism parents. How we’re silenced with phrases like “you’re obviously very high functioning” and “you’re not like my child”.

But what would that achieve? We know we’re fighting each other. We know it sucks. Nobody really knows how to end it, I guess.

So instead of saying all the things that are wrong, that we already know, I’m going to do this: This year for Autism Awareness Month, I want to reach out to those autism parent who are reading my blog and thinking “this is bullshit”. You might read my blog and think it’s a load of old bollocks and that I’m not like your child and that I’m one of those people who’s not really autistic, just a bit quirky. That’s OK. I’ve made assumptions about you too.

BUT MAYBE, if we put our assumptions aside then we can both learn something.

I’m not like your child, but I know how bad it is to have your routine suddenly changed.

I’m not like your child, but I know what it’s like to struggle to communicate.

I’m not like your child, but I know what it’s like when everything is too bright and too loud and too confusing.

I’m not going to pretend I know everything that’s going on in your child’s head, or in your family’s life. But I know what it’s like being autistic.

I get that you’re scared about the future. The world is a horrible place for autistic people. I know! We both want the same thing; a better future for autistic people. This is why the best thing we can do is WORK TOGETHER to ensure that autistic people are listened to and supported.

So this is what I’m asking; if you’re an autism parent, drop me a message. Let me know about your life. Let’s have a virtual tea and biscuit and talk. I promise I am super-nice and I won’t swear at you or call you a child abuser.

You can tweet me or DM me on Twitter @aut_cheerful, you can message me on Facebook @autcheerful, or you can fill in this form:



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