No, there is no “autism wave”

I’ve posted before about why there is no autism epidemic. That was only a few months back but nothing has changed; there’s still no epidemic or wave. The prevelance of autism is still not the same thing as the the number of people diagnosed. But still the media insists on publishing these scare stories. 

Here’s today’s effort from the Belfast Telegraph, about a so-called “autism wave” swamping the school system.

I guess stories like this generate a lot of clicks. But they also generate a lot of fear. People are genuinely scared that their child will be stolen away and replaced with a terrifying autistic monster who will suck all the joy out of their lives. People are scared that the number of autistic people will reach such a high level that all government funds will be diverted towards taking care of them and other services will suffer. This autism wave must be stopped at all costs!!

Terrfying, right? It’s like something from a scary movie. And like a scary movie, it’s total fiction. 


The only “autism wave” is the Autistic community trying to catch your attention so you will stop posting bullshit stories like this. Making people scared of us is isolating us and even putting us in danger. Just fucking stop, OK? We just need acceptance and support. Don’t throw us under the bus for the sake of a sensationalised story. 


2 thoughts on “No, there is no “autism wave”

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