April is over and normal service is unfortunately resumed

I always start April with a sense that I’m about to go into battle. I feel fired up and enthusiastic, but I know it won’t be easy.

The first week of April is always the busiest and every year I have seen an increase in the number of parents and organisations sharing positive information about autism. More people are starting to get it. Parents are looking to autistic adults for ideas on how they can support their children and it’s BRILLIANT. I felt like we were finally getting somewhere.

And then the first week of April ended. A lot of people stopped their acceptance drive and we were left with the doom-and-gloom brigade once again saying how awful being autistic is and how we don’t understand what it’s like and how they wish every day for an autism cure.

Having people listen to us and fight our corner is an amazing feeling, and so many people did such a wonderful job of trying to change the tragedy narrative around autism. But we need it year-round, not just in the first week of April.

Please keep sharing positive information.

Please keep listening to the Autistic community.

Please keep amplifying our voices.

We are making progress, but we need you on board. We need your support.

Thank you.


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