Autistic Community Welcome Pack

Are you an adult that’s just found out you’re autistic? The first and most important thing I want to say to you is: You are not alone.

I was helping a friend navigate through the realisation that they might be autistic when I joked about the lack of an “Autistic community welcome pack” and how helpful it would be for adults that are new to the Autistic community. It can be a scary and confusing time where you can’t help but analyse almost everything that has ever happened to you. I’ve talked with many adults who are new to the whole autism thing (well, not new, but you know… they didn’t know) and I know that most people felt relieved, but also confused and worried and a whole bunch of other things.

So, I decided to make a Welcome Pack for newly identified autistic adults (it might also be helpful to parents of autistic children). I only discovered I’m autistic at the age of 33 and I went through every conceivable emotion while I got to grips with this new information. I’m hoping the following posts will help people through this rollercoaster of emotions and help them to get involved with the wonderful Autistic community.

This is still a work in progress so more posts will be added over time.
Am I Autistic?
If you’re thinking you could be autistic but you’re not sure, here are some posts that might help you out.

The RDOS Test

The Empathy Quotient Test

The moment I realised that I was right about not being like other people

What’s it like being autistic?

The one sentence that meant I never questioned who I really was
Adult diagnosis feels
It’s an emotional rollercoaster ride when you first find out you’re autistic. I’ve been through plenty! Here are some posts about the different emotions you might be feeling.




Self doubt

Rebuilding yourself
Disabled identity
You might be wondering whether or not you should identify as disabled, or what it really means to be disabled. These posts might help you clarify your thoughts.

Am I disabled?

Social vs medical model of disability

What is spoon theory?
Autism terminology
There’s a lot of lingo to learn. Here are some explanations and thoughts.

Autism terminology: Asperger’s

Autism terminology: Identity or person first language

What is neurodiversity?

What is autistic burnout?

What is sensory overload like?

The Autistic community
The Autistic community is probably the most helpful support you will have. Here are some posts about what it means to me.

A love letter to the Autistic community