Supporting Autistic people

This page is aimed at parents and family members of autistic people, teachers, support workers, and anyone else who comes into contact with autistic people on a regular basis.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.

Maya Angelou

There’s all sorts of information out there on how to interact with and support autistic people. The language to use, the teaching methods, types of therapy, who knows what else. The majority of it is not written by autistic people, which is a real shame because we do have insider information on what autism is like.

I am not here to criticise your parenting. I’m a parent too, and I know we are all of us doing our very best with the resources and knowledge we have. I will not question your love for your child or your dedication to improving their life.

I’m also not going to tell teachers and support workers how you should be doing your job. I’m not a teacher or a support worker.

But I will offer another perspective. My perspective comes from being both autistic AND a parent of autistic children.

I sometimes feel like I’m stuck in the middle of two communities. I’d love to just be part of ONE community, where we can all share information and help each other out. If you’re a non-autistic parent of autistic kids or if you work with autistic people of any age then here are some posts that you might find helpful:

Things you shouldn’t say to Autistic people
Most autistic people get pretty upset by stuff like this, so here are some things you might want to avoid saying.

I’m sorry

You’re not THAT bad

What is tone policing?

Acceptance & Positivity
Looking at autism from a more positive viewpoint makes the world of difference to autistic people.

Acceptance is vital for good mental health

Writing about your autistic child: A guide for parents

What is autism positivity?

Why ABA is a bad idea

Practical tips & ideas
Just a bunch of ideas of little and big things to make life happier for autistic people.

How to support autistic people at Christmas

Autism terminology
The language and terms autistic people prefer might not be the same things you have learnt from books and experts.

Autism terminology: Asperger’s

Autism terminology: Identity or person first language